My name is Brandon Braddock. I am the President and Founder of Celebrity Limousine Worldwide and Celebrity Chauffeur. My business partner is Jon Coombs and together we run the hottest Limousine Service in New England, Celebrity Limousine. Celebrity Limousine has been voted Best Limo Service over 25 times now.

As leaders in the Chauffeur Transportation Industry, Jon and I took our knowledge of over 40 years of experience and built this school over a period of 10 years after teaching, training and evaluating over 800 chauffeurs. Driving commercial vehicles is no joke. Real life’s are at stake when large commercial vehicles are on the road and we have developed simple methods, online education and driving programs that ensure that each student possesses sufficient knowledge of how to safely operate commercial vehicles according to the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration and the United States Department of Transportation.

Celebrity Chauffeur currently offers 4 courses with real education and on-road driving programs using a variety of commercial vehicles from Celebrity Limousine. We offer a CDL Program which teaches each student how to safely operate and drive large commercial vehicles. We offer a Limousine Program which teaches students how to safely operate and drive stretch limousines. We offer a Chauffeur Course called The Art of Chauffeuring which teaches students how to professionally chauffeur. We also offer a DOT Management course for other Limousine Employers and employees. Our onsite DOT Training teaches the same system we use here at Celebrity Limousine to properly manage all our chauffeurs and keep them in proper accordance with all the DOT Rules & Regulations of being a Commercial Driver.

Another thing that Celebrity Chauffeur offers is a Job Placement Program. We have created a network of Limousine Services below us that allows us to make job placement easy and fast. Students that pass with a CDL License and a certification from Celebrity Chauffeurs, The Art of Chauffeuring, not only get access into a Job Placement Program but are able to get a chauffeur job anywhere in the Limousine Industry across America even without our help. Chauffeuring is a fun job, an exciting job and a respectable job. There are over 500 limousine services just in New England alone. Many of our chauffeurs have even opened their own Limousine Company after learning from us. If you are interested in joining us, call 508-LIMOUSINE. Join Celebrity Chauffeur and start your new career today.