L E V E L 1

Celebrity Chauffeur offers an online course called The Art of Chauffeuring, which teaches the true art of chauffeuring, which means "to serve". The most valuable players in the Limousine Industry are the guys and girls on the front lines, the Chauffeurs. This course has 13 sections. Students that pass this online course will be given a certificate from Celebrity Chauffeurs, The Art of Chauffeuring, Level 1.

  Basic Chauffeur Qualifications
Pre-Trip Responsibilities
During the Trip Responsibilities
After the Trip Responsibilities
The Liabilities of Chauffeuring
Airport Procedures
Wedding Procedures
Corporate Procedures
Night Out Procedures
Chauffeur Codes of Conduct
Basic Chauffeur Requirements
Chauffeur Disqualifications
FMCSA and USDOT Rules and Regulations
To get started, contact us today and we will enroll you into this program right over the phone. The cost is $99 for level 1 and upon completion you will be given a test. If you pass the test, a certificate will be mailed to you from Celebrity Chauffeur. Call 508-LIMOUSINE or text ART OF CHAUFFEURING to 4014873964. We look foward to working with you.
L E V E L 2
Students that have passed LEVEL 1 are allowed to continue their learning with LEVEL 2. This program offers hands-on training experience with clients on actual jobs. Instead of just reading about How to Chauffeur a Wedding, you will be able to try it out for yourself. This course starts with you in the paassenger seat, while an experienced chauffeur is driving. This course ends with you in the driver seat and an experienced chauffeur evaluating you. Students are not allowed to drive a client until they have completed one of our DRIVE PROGRAMS or passed a Certification of Road Test with one of our instructors. Upon completing 10 runs with you doing all the driving, a hand written letter will be given to each student that has passed his/her ON THE JOB Evaluation Reports.