Celebrity Chauffeur currently offers 4 programs with real education and on-road driving using a variety of commercial vehicle. We offer a CDL Drive Program which teaches each student how to safely operate and drive large commercial vehicles. We offer a Non CDL Drive Program which teaches students how to safely operate and drive luxury stretch limousines. We offer an online course called The Art of Chauffeuring which teaches students the attitude of professionally chauffeuring. We also offer a Safety Compliance Program which teaches students how to stay in compliance with all the local and federal agencies that govern the transportation industry.


Celebrity Chauffeur offers Financial Aid. To apply for our financial aid, a simple application is needed, and we guarantee you a response within 24 hours. We offer financial aid based upon what levels of training you need, the liability involved and what type of experience you have acquired through the years. To see if qualify for our Financial Aid Program call 508-LIMOUSINE.


Here at Celebrity Chauffeur, we train chauffeurs to SERVE. It is not something your born with. It is something your taught. It is an Art. We teach it and when your done passing our course, we guarantee you, you will walk into any Limousine Service in the Country and have the knowledge how to outperform any of their best Chauffeurs. Once you pass our DRIVE PROGRAM and our ONLINE COURSES, we have our very own Job Placement Program to assist you in getting employed in this fun industry.



Celebrity Chauffeur offers an online course called The Art of Chauffeuring, which teaches the true art of chauffeuring, which means "to serve". The most valuable players in the Limousine Industry are the guys and girls on the front lines, the Chauffeurs. This course has 13 sections. Students that pass this online course will be given a certificate from Celebrity Chauffeurs, The Art of Chauffeuring, Level 1.
Students that have passed LEVEL 1 are allowed to continue their learning with LEVEL 2. This program offers hands-on training experience with clients on actual jobs. Instead of just reading about How to Chauffeur a Wedding, you will be able to try it out for yourself. This course starts with you in the paassenger seat, while an experienced chauffeur is driving. This course ends with you in the driver seat and an experienced chauffeur evaluating you. Students are not allowed to drive a client until they have completed one of our DRIVE PROGRAMS. Upon completing 10 runs with you doing all the driving, a certificate will be given to each student that has passed his/her ON THE JOB Evaluation Reports.

Celebrity Chauffeur offers a NON CDL DRIVE PROGRAM. This course starts out by teaching students how to safely drive commercial vehicles that weigh under 10,000 lbs and carry no more than 14 passengers. The average pay across the limousine industry for chauffeurs who drive luxury stretch limousines is $20/hr.


Celebrity Chauffeur offers a CDL DRIVE PROGRAM. This course starts out by teaching students how to safely pass the educational portion of a CDL Exam. Once passed, we than sponsor each student who is given a CDL Permit. We are currently sponsoring students who are seeking to obtain a CDL License with Passenger and Air Brake Endorsements. We then provide each student with the vehicle needed to complete their road test. The average pay across the limousine industry for chauffeurs who drive Commercial Vehicles with more than 15 passengers is $25-$40/hr


We believe the secret to success is knowledge. In the transportation field, this knowledge is called Safety Compliance. Driving is the easy part. Being into compliance with so many agencies is the hard part. Well, we make that easy for you. This program is for the employee who is just getting started who is seeking to transporting passengers of 8 and more. This program is also for the employee who is looking to get a CDL License and transport passengers in Intersatate Commerce across the US. From simply questions to complex our team can answer any question on any level. We also offer courses on how to handle local and federal DOT Roadside Inspections. To learn more, call 508-LIMOUSINE.

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